How to Finish a Wood Patio Deck

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Having a patio deck in the garden will create an amazing place for you to entertain friends, and family. If you lay it correctly, seal, treat, and maintain it the decking will last for many years. You have to consider where you want the decking to be placed, and what weather conditions it will need to deal with. Water is the worst component that can damage the wooden decking, and you need to consider this when choosing your deck plans.

Planning the decking well and ensuring that you use the correct sealant will ensure that the deck will look fantastic for many years. After the patio deck has been laid you will need to work quickly to have it sealed and ready for the weather. The decking will need to be sanded to ensure that the waterproof material can soak into the grain. Although sanding the patio deck will take some time it will be worth it when you see the end result.

Once you have sanded the deck you will need to ensure that all debris, twigs, and leaves have been removed as these can cause problems. With a completely clear deck you can begin to weatherproof it.

Using the best possible wood sealant is essential as water is the biggest problem where decking is concerned. If you allow water to penetrate the patio deck it will dry out and cause the wood to crack. The expansion and contraction of the wood over time will cause it great damage, and in extreme cases the patio deck will need to be replaced.

You will need to try and wait for the weather conditions to be just right. If it is too cold or too hot the wood will have either expanded or contracted making it harder to seal. You want the sealant to be applied in the best possible conditions, to allow it to dry and begin to protect the wood. When looking at your deck plans you will need to ensure that you can reach every part of the decking easily. Every single inch of the decking will need to be sealed including the gaps, and cracks.

If you allow even the smallest of areas to be unprotected, the water can penetrate it and cause damage to the patio deck. You should apply the sealant in the direction of the grain, and for larger areas a mop can be used to make it far easier. Allowing the sealant to dry is essential, and once it has you can decide if you want to stain the wood. Depending on the design you have chosen on your deck plans will determine what color you want the decking to be.

There are many different stains available, which can help to enhance the color of your patio deck, and make it look great. Once you have sealed the patio deck it will not need doing for several years, however, if you experience severe weather it may need doing more often. Remember that you will need to clean, fix, and reseal the patio deck to keep it looking great.

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